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At Madamelique we believe in supporting traditional craftsmanship. Our head weaver manages a small team of weavers in Southern Turkey. 

Our treasured shuttle-looms have been passed down from generation to generation, with the oldest one being over 100-years-old.

Traditional methods are applied to the entire process including the most magnificent hand-tied fringing and tassels, some of which can take hours to complete.


Each Madamelique product is made from the highest quality Turkish GOTS certified organic cotton or linen. All dyes are also organic, and every product is un-treated, non-coated and chemical free. This means our products are long lasting, with excellent absorbency and plushness.

Our practices are ethical, sustainable and fair trade. Our products can literally last for decades if cared for properly, the more you use and wash our towels the softer and more absorbent they will become.

GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. It’s backed up by independent certification and includes ecological and social criteria.

Who We Are

In 1949, in a humble artisan workshop, Madam Lique birthed an idea - a vision of luxury, quality, and fair trade. A woman ahead of her time, she imagined a world where indulgence met responsibility, where tradition entwined with innovation. This was the genesis of Madamelique.

Fast forward to today, and Madamelique isn't just a brand; it's a testament to the unwavering passion and resilience of women. Led by our award-winning designer and current CEO, Duygu, we carry forward Madam Lique's legacy with the same zeal and vigor that sparked this journey.

Every Madamelique towel is a labor of love, a marriage of our history and a commitment to the future. Each thread that we weave is a tribute to the generations of skilled artisans that birthed our craft, and to the generations of women who have kept it alive.

With the introduction of our Be Cool Series, we once again demonstrate our commitment to the duality of our values - luxury without compromise and sustainability without sacrifice. This innovative collection is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our unwavering dedication to our craft.

As a valued Madamelique customer, you're not just purchasing a towel; you're investing in a legacy. You're supporting the craftspeople who painstakingly create our products, you're backing fair trade, and you're making a commitment to sustainability. Each time you feel the softness of a Madamelique towel or appreciate its intricate design, remember that you're a part of a story that began in 1949 and continues to flourish today.

Our journey at Madamelique, led by the visionary Duygu, is more than a business; it's a heartfelt passion. We dream in threads and colors, weaving tales of tradition, creativity, and empowerment.

This is Madamelique - where the threads of tradition meet the weft of innovation, creating a tapestry of luxury and sustainability. We are proud to share this journey with you, one exquisite towel at a time. Welcome to our story.


Together, let's continue to weave a world of difference.

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